The SmartCough project

Smartphones and health: efficient computing with biomedical applications

The goal of this project was to expand the capabilities of telemedicine in the context of respiratory illness. To this end, we developed advanced signal processing and pattern recognition techniques to achieve continuous real-time automatic detection of cough episodes. A smartphone application featuring these functionalities is available for patient monitoring. SmartCough engineers have achieved advanced power management for intense computing using smartphones, as well as high-quality sound processing with robust detection of audio-cough events.

The added value of the project is three-fold: First, from the academic viewpoint, the knowledge boundaries were extended both in the applied computing and respiratory medicine fields. Some novel algorithms were developed and implemented yielding cutting-edge technology to be deployed in upcoming clinical studies.  Second, from the economic/business perspective, a new product was released and potentially commercialised under a low-cost production model with an international projection. Finally, from a civic standpoint, patients and institutions will have affordable access to the monitoring technology and use it with little interference on their daily activity.